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Side by Side


Two sides neighbors

One side mine

One side open

Intruded repaired – fine

And grass – side yard

side hustle – work hard

Rake leaves for paper in hopes that

Later after bills loans saviors

All paid, client boss property

All day, these things we made

Or saved

Oh How we spend

Spend our days? God giveth and taketh


Fine insurance ticket credit

Loan advance picket fence relic

I played and prayed I spent tithing

I find my friends worst off for trying

God give and take and ok not my venue

All I know is the arch bishop will send you

For a Whirl for a deal for a seal for salvation

For a fine line lie that will take you

To hate hurt pain anger and confusion

But, love, love now is the solution

Coffee with the other

Tea with one another

The different difference an opportunity for a

Change, for a, Lane, for a, subtle start to a phrase with refrain,

Not the same damn endgame

One side mine

Two sides neighbors

Out numbered I’m fine

One side saints

The other saviors

And what then, what am I?





Soaked Linen & Suede

(These clothes were a poor choice)

Fashion over function on

-stone streets-

A self conscious America Shuffle

(giving me away)

An impossible couple passed some

-anonymous cafe-

All touches and teeth

(and lips drenched)

in Italian indifference and

-amorous intentions-

Inside an espresso

(a reprieve from the leaky Tuscan sky)

Service with consolation and

-quiet reproach-

Sorry English syllables

(flattening the sing-song lilt)

a wet towel of broken syntax and

-embarrassing mispronunciations-

A German Couple

(On Holiday?)

order the cheapest rosé and volley

-serious looks-

Hard consonants

(imbibing slowly)

I want to know what they are saying but they don’t look

-at me-

How long have I been here?

(The coffee is now cold)

The rain has softened and I pay

-some penance-

“First Act”

By Gregory JM Kasunich


We are of this thing-

This dirt and shit and sun and sin

Organic and manic / depressive and recessive genes and memes silicon beaches and perchance to dreams

We are of this place-

These measly stars and bars

Vine rotten fruit and silk suit sweet and tendered tender reaches accolades and Everglades and Escalades and pubescent promenades

We are of a mind-

Tank thinking neural mural nets defendants descendant from form and function over time Mask matte and matter spat and spittle brittle bone and burnt ember owned and owed another revolution and rhyme

We are of a kind-

Raw and unkind kindred kith and loyal swine bit lip and stick the landing farther time

Tell tale beats / receipts check the feed

We are but one funny wonder sparked and sputtered brutes and brine

We are of a grace-

Manic manicured pace

Obsolescence and reframe repeat back each echo chamber a chatted charted container a soul shaped hole in torn up space

We are of this stuff-

You and me and he and we and she and all of it all of it all the same carbon arranged and harangued hanged and banged into shapes shots sex and thoughts into lies and loss and and perfect present imperfect thoughts past and pending and sending all we got into the voice and void of some unbroken unknowing spot at the tip top tippity top of it all, all, all of it the same.

We are of this thing

A place and mind

We are grace and stuff

And all that but

We sure don’t act like it

A Farewell to a Pub

Today I went to my favorite place, except it wasn’t any more. It was a foreign, fractured, failed state,
a facsimile rendered poor
by my unrelenting expectation
or anticipation to be something more.

A sanctuary, taps and trundled battered fare, trumpeting my ever-presence, thick and austere, and bars tendered tenderly draft deepened in frigid air.
But as captioned athletes glowered and glowed, an uneasy unfamiliarity began to grow, and roots (thought deep under soil) were just lacquered planks under toe.

And so, in my retreat I slinked a silent Irish goodbye, tipping change and cap to that familiar neon sign. This door I once warmed, I shall darken no more, for this once was my favorite place, except it wasn’t anymore.

A Brief Vist to Mississippi

FullSizeRender 6

Mississippi – my pen delights in inking the word

The repeating curls of the S’s

The staccato breaks of the I’s

The looping double back of the P’s

All evocative of the delta tributaries 

To speak it out loud – Mississippi

An almost buzzing/hissing onomatopoeia

the din of 100,000 mosquitos, 

blood lust in stagnant swamps 

Mississippi – a syrupy welcome to the South

a patina of hospitality painted upon 

the decaying bones of a prideful past

Confederate remnants stitched and fluttering

tattered but holding fast, flying 

above gas station fried chicken

above pugnacious okra

above the twang and thrum of a billion Blues lamentations 

above backyard celebrations 

above racial provocations 

Mississippi – my heart delights in thinking the word

The mysterious green sprawl 

The river’s rise and fall

I fear I really don’t know you at all. 

Pizza Hut Internal Memo Re: Pizza Innovation


Greetings Pizza Professionals,

It has come to our attention that many of you at the company are not up to speed on the new and revolutionary ideas coming out of the ovens over at the PDL (Pizza Design Labs). We would like to take a minute to share some updates in hopes of inspiring each and every one of you to think beyond the crust and submit new, sensational, and yes, even audacious, ideas to our Pie-oneers in the labs.

We here at “The Hut” pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Pizza innovation, pushing the piping-hot boundaries of satisfaction. Now, our competitors might remain complacent dishing out the same old tired Italian disappointments but Not PH!

Allow us a moment to point out some of the milestones we have passed on our journey towards Pizza Perfection.

Our best selling “Pan” Pizza (so named for fact that early testers of this culinary revelation requested the use of aluminum bed pans during their taste tests, their bodies literally overflowing with Hutty deliciousness) is still our flagship product, but ever unsatisfied with the status-quo, we continued to develop alternative crust lifestyles and thus, the Hand Tossed and Thin n’ Crispy pizzas were introduced the world. Since then we’ve never looked back…

At Pizza Hut we have always attempted to make the most of the pizza real estate (or “Crustscape” as we call it in the savory pie biz) a canvas upon which our consumers have come to expect the unexpected. Where other, myopic, pizza manufacturers saw failure in discarded crusts, we saw opportunity. We put our greatest minds on the job and found a way to jam a mozzarella-like cheese product into the crust and voila, Stuffed Crust Pizza. We single handedly changed the game by transforming the undesirable crust into a doughy cheese tube of wonder! After Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump endorsed the product, America ate it up! It’s still one of our best sellers today.

When customers clamored for more toppings we gave them The Edge Pizza. Goodbye crust; hello cheese, sauce, and toppings that go right up to the precipice of dough and sanity. The original catchphrase, “I am become Pizza, destroyer of hunger” (later pulled from circulation due to “insensitivity issues”), pretty much sums it up.

Then calzone lovers around the world united and sent up the resounding cry “What about us?!”, they shouted at the foot of our corporate headquarters, fist raised and bellies grumbling. Little did they know that inside, on an undisclosed floor, we were putting the finishing touches on the P’zone (codename Pizza Calzone Pizza): In the end, the world enjoyed over one pound of meat and cheese in a pizza crust. You’re welcome calzone nation!

Other notable products include the ingenious Dippin’ Strips Pizza, ergonomically cut and shaped to be dunked or drenched in any one of our liquid bliss dippin’ sauces. We knew we were on to something when one pizza technician witnessed several customers attempting to jam their triangular pizza wedges into the tiny neck of a Ranch Dressing bottle. Another problem solved.

And who could forget the mind blowing Goliath of dough, dairy, veggies, and cured meats known as The Bigfoot Pizza. To this day our pizza engineers marvel in awe at their own accomplishment. When the first Bigfoot Pizza was completed the head chef exclaimed “Look on this pie ye mighty, and despair!”

So what does the future hold for all the insatiable Hut Heads out there? Well, let’s just say the recent release of our Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza is just the tip of the iceberg. At this very moment we are queuing up to release of a number of tastebud bending creations in the future including:

The Power Hour Pizza: This is sure to be a frat favorite. Sixty personal pan pizzas delivered on a rotating spit. The goal is to consume one pizza every minute for an hour.

The P’ception: A Pizza stuffed inside another pizza which can only be purchased while under heavy sedation though our new Dream Accessible App.

The Globe PizzaA ball of dough, dunked in marinara sauce, then covered in cheese and deep fried. Served in a bowling ball bag with your choice of stick-on toppings.

The IVP (Intravenous Pizza): Your favorite Pizza Hut Pizza liquified in a Vita-Mix and delivered in a drip IV bag. Great for gamers or the comatose.

Double Deep Deep Dish Pizza: Our famous dough is shaped into a 5 gallon bucket, flash fried, and then filled with alternating layers sauce, cheese, and toppings. 2 for 1 special served on a shoulder yoke with breadstick ladle.

The Exotica: 100 bite sized pizzas served on the nude body of our delivery person (male or female not specified) Chop sticks included.

The Guy Fieri Get-Down-To-Flavortown-Italiano-Explosion: A double wide pizza with a cake frosted crust, topped with Italian sausage hand-massaged by Guy Fieri himself. Comes with free Oakleys and a bowling shirt bib.

The Pizza Pocket Pocket Pizza: A pocket sized pizza pocket that houses your keys, wallet and cell phone, also can be eaten.

The Breadstick Mattress Pizza: A pillow soft mattress sized serving of breadsticks you can eat and pass out on. Comes with a side of spicy marinara sauce to really heat things up in the bedroom.

The Russian Roulette Pizza: One special slice is laced with e.coli, fun for parties.

The Minimalist Pizza: a bag of flour, a tomato, and a block of cheese arranged on a stark white plate. Limited MOMA edition available in the spring.

PepsiCo Universe Pizza: Includes toppings from all of Frito-Lay properties, like Taco Bell, FKC, Fritos, Cheetos, and a gallon of Pepsi poured on top.

And many many more to come…

So thank you all for your tremendous service and hard work over the years and we look forward to receiving your new pizza creation ideas!

The Construction Crew Outside My House

The Construction Crew Outside My House


Gregory JM Kasunich

The work had announced itself
a flyer hooked to the storm door

I disregarded it along with the mailer
who can be bothered?

Before my alarm the men where there
splitting the earth and morning apart

This hiss and rattle and grind of the work disturbed my own
days and nights and mornings on end

the vibrations joining with the hot miasma of the city
a sweltering sheet of of sound

but how I wish knew how much longer I must endure
and for what all this suffering was for

If only I had read the flyer on my door.