Side by Side


Two sides neighbors

One side mine

One side open

Intruded repaired – fine

And grass – side yard

side hustle – work hard

Rake leaves for paper in hopes that

Later after bills loans saviors

All paid, client boss property

All day, these things we made

Or saved

Oh How we spend

Spend our days? God giveth and taketh


Fine insurance ticket credit

Loan advance picket fence relic

I played and prayed I spent tithing

I find my friends worst off for trying

God give and take and ok not my venue

All I know is the arch bishop will send you

For a Whirl for a deal for a seal for salvation

For a fine line lie that will take you

To hate hurt pain anger and confusion

But, love, love now is the solution

Coffee with the other

Tea with one another

The different difference an opportunity for a

Change, for a, Lane, for a, subtle start to a phrase with refrain,

Not the same damn endgame

One side mine

Two sides neighbors

Out numbered I’m fine

One side saints

The other saviors

And what then, what am I?


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