Matriphagy – (For a New Mother)



A hundred thousand unasked asks

Needs on needs- this milk that feeds

Progesterone – midnight moan

Tended and forgiving

Marrow and born of

bone Coded and maternal –

nocturnal seeds

Post and pre-partum

oh darlin’

You are me!

And mine, we are we (see)

Cellular entropy

Proteins dance (and sing)

A universe vibrating

For you

For me – infinitely

Take this body and remember me

Drink this blood

(I hope there is enough)


It’s all for you

Each missing moment

Every untrue truth

Nature me :and:

I’ll nurture you

Blue red blood and sinew

Take it all

It’s all

All of it

For Me

For You

I’ll one day be gone

And you’ll be you


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