Soaked Linen & Suede

(These clothes were a poor choice)

Fashion over function on

-stone streets-

A self conscious America Shuffle

(giving me away)

An impossible couple passed some

-anonymous cafe-

All touches and teeth

(and lips drenched)

in Italian indifference and

-amorous intentions-

Inside an espresso

(a reprieve from the leaky Tuscan sky)

Service with consolation and

-quiet reproach-

Sorry English syllables

(flattening the sing-song lilt)

a wet towel of broken syntax and

-embarrassing mispronunciations-

A German Couple

(On Holiday?)

order the cheapest rosé and volley

-serious looks-

Hard consonants

(imbibing slowly)

I want to know what they are saying but they don’t look

-at me-

How long have I been here?

(The coffee is now cold)

The rain has softened and I pay

-some penance-


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