A Brief Vist to Mississippi

FullSizeRender 6

Mississippi – my pen delights in inking the word

The repeating curls of the S’s

The staccato breaks of the I’s

The looping double back of the P’s

All evocative of the delta tributaries 

To speak it out loud – Mississippi

An almost buzzing/hissing onomatopoeia

the din of 100,000 mosquitos, 

blood lust in stagnant swamps 

Mississippi – a syrupy welcome to the South

a patina of hospitality painted upon 

the decaying bones of a prideful past

Confederate remnants stitched and fluttering

tattered but holding fast, flying 

above gas station fried chicken

above pugnacious okra

above the twang and thrum of a billion Blues lamentations 

above backyard celebrations 

above racial provocations 

Mississippi – my heart delights in thinking the word

The mysterious green sprawl 

The river’s rise and fall

I fear I really don’t know you at all. 


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