By Gregory J. M. Kasunich

I was never well liked,

She said,

Just well loved.

Her sunglasses, the lenses a set of miniature, tinted, satellite dishes, slid to the edge of her nose just enough to allow her sea-foam green eyes to launch a pedantic look over the frames and land on the young, urban, twenty something’s Rorschach-esque power tie.

It was enough to hate her, but no one did.

Well, no one except Lupesto, a ridiculous man conceived by the gods as some sort of joke. Everybody hated Lupesto. Women and children. Cats and dogs. Peers and family.

Everybody except her.

Lupesto slouched in his office and rested his multiple chins in his hand as he scowled at her attempts to be what? Sassy? Cute? Pathetic? Disgusting? Redicu…


The intercom wheezed, interrupting his mental admonishments. Rotating himself forward he signaled through half opened mini-blinds to come in.

If Lupesto doubted his premature decision to deny the yuppie a position at the boutique agency, her lingering glance at the young mans Bally sculpted bottom sealed his fate.

Maybe this is why people hate me…

Lupesto huffed,

His words fighting their way out of his well-insulated trachea only moments after the Ivy-League boob was on his way back onto Wilshire.

The sudden flash of self-awareness sent acid pumps in his stomach ablaze and before his pepperoni log fingers could poke the intercom’s call button, there she was, antacid in hand, a stupid bright smile on her stupid bright face.


She boomed, topping her pop-culture cleverness off with a giggle.

Like the commercial!

She dumped two out of the bottle and offered them to Lupesto who wondered at that very moment whether or not she might be the only person who didn’t quite hate him, and assuming that yes, this stupid receptionist was in fact the only person who didn’t detest his guts, decided to have a heart attack right there and end it all, on a high note.

But he couldn’t will his heart to stop, at least not on such short notice, and instead just swallowed his Tums and waved her away and watched as she sat down behind her desk and slid her satellite dishes back up her nose and pushed her stupid hair back behind her stupid head and waited for the next call to roll in.


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